Knicks Win Final Game, Hurting Their Draft Chances, and Fans Went Ballistic (TWEETS)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

We can safely say that Knicks fans have been put through a lot over the past, uh, 25 years or so, but even when the team looks poised to stumble its way into a draft pick, the fans find fault with some meaningless, late-season success.

Last night, the Knicks won their final game, which would be nice, but the victory now puts them even with Minnesota for the sixth “seed” in the draft, a far cry from the lucrative top spots in this year’s talent-heavy draft.

Fans and media took notice and weren’t thrilled.

Well, I think predicting you’re going to miss out on the next Steph Curry is a little dramatic, but…I see their point.

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