Columbus Newspaper Plans to Hand Out Crying ‘Sid The Kid’ Masks For Game 3

Columbus Blue Jackets v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game Two

Down 0-2 in the series, a Columbus newspaper is trying to do whatever they can to throw Sidney Crosby off his game.

When the Pittsburgh Penguins invade Columbus for Game 3 on Sunday, the local newspaper will be handing out crying ‘Sid The Kid’ masks to each and every fan in Nationwide Arena.


Crosby was given the nickname ‘Sid the Kid’ after he took the NHL by storm from the moment he stepped on the ice as a teenager. Prior to the start of the series, Blue Jackets forward Scott Hartnell made sure to point out how much Crosby loves to complain to the referees. 

Down 0-2 in the series, it may not be a good idea to attempt to poke the Penguin.

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