All Sorts of Stupid Rumors Flying Around About Aaron Rodgers Amid Breakup with Olivia Munn

Aaron Rodgers Olivia Munn breakup

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Aaron Rodgers never really seemed like the kind of guy who would be the subject of salacious rumors. He’s pretty unassuming, and you would rarely hear him talk about his personal life. However, that all changed when he started dating Olivia Munn. All of a sudden Rodgers’ life turned into a soap opera.

First his brother, Jordan Rodgers, went on The Bachelorette and talked all sorts of sh*t about Aaron. Then their dad publicly called Aaron out in a bizarre interview with the New York Times right before the playoffs. All of a sudden, through no fault of his own—other than choosing to date a hollywood celebrity—there were all these rumors about how Aaron Rodgers was estranged from his family, who reportedly didn’t trust Munn and thought she was dating Aaron for the wrong reasons.

Now that Rodgers and Munn have officially broken up, the rumor mill has really cranked into high gear. This week the folks at Us Weekly reported that Aaron’s friends have seen some “drastic changes” in Aaron since the breakup.

What kinds of drastic changes? Well apparently he’s spending the offseason in Los Angeles where, according to Us Weekly‘s source, “he’s been getting weekly facials in Beverly Hills and has also hired Ryan Gosling’s personal stylist to dress him.”

Facials! Stylists! OMG!

But wait. There’s more! Us Weekly also reports that Rodgers has been working out with pal Nick Jonas at the Unbreakable Performance Center in West Hollywood instead of with his teammates in Calabasas. And in addition to Jonas he’s also been hanging out with actor pals Ryan Rottman and Eddie Mills, though I don’t think anybody actually knows who those guys are.

Of course, for all we know Us Weekly is getting their info from the guy who washes Aaron Rodgers’ car. But whatever their source, it’s good enough for the folks at Terez Owens. They’re now saying this isn’t just Aaron Rodgers acting weird after a breakup. They’re saying that Aaron Rodgers is actually gay, and that Olivia Munn was his beard, and that he’s now dating Nick Jonas, and that Olivia Munn is actually the one leaking all this info because she’s pissed that she is no longer in the spotlight.

Now that’s how you read between the lines.

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