Sisqo Gives Us the LeBron James Thong Song Parody We Never Knew We Needed (Video)

lebron james thong song parody sisqo

Most observers seem to agree that Russell Westbrook is the clear choice for the 2016-17 National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player Award. He led the league in scoring, broke Oscar Robertson‘s single-season triple-double record, and carried an otherwise garbage Oklahoma City Thunder team to the sixth seed in the stacked Western Conference. Oh, and he was also tops in player efficiency rating and value over raplacement player, and sixth in win shares, for those of you who enjoy fancy stats.

However, not everyone is on board the Russell Westbrook MVP train. Professional troll Colin Cowherd thinks LeBron James should get the honor for some reason. And this week he brought in a ringer to make his case.

That ringer is late ’90s R&B sensation Mark Althavean Andrews, former lead singer of Dru Hill, better known by his stage name, Sisqó. Somehow Cowherd got Sisqó to make a new version of his 1999 classic “The Thong Song.” Only this time, instead of ladies undergarments, it’s all about the NBA MVP race, and how LeBron James is so much better than all those other suckers.

Check it out:

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Well, I guess that settles it. If Sisqó says LeBron is the MVP, he’s the MVP.

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