Packers Fan Gets The Most Suspect Tattoo of Aaron Rodgers EVER (PIC)

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers

It’s bad enough that Aaron Rodgers has to deal with his break-up with longtime girlfriend Olivia Munn.  Now he has to deal with a crazed fan.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is easily the most beloved player on the Packers, as well as the face of the franchise. So one particular fan wanted to show his appreciation for A-Rod with a suspect tattoo.

Behold, an Aaron Rodgers tattoo with him in a jock strap.

You aren’t a #GreenBay fan, until you are an #AaronRodgers in a jockstrap pinup tattoo wearing fan. #greenbaypackers #packersfan #greenbayallday #alisharice #thinktanktattoo #instagay #gayjock #buzzfeedstyle #pinupguy

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FYI: The person who posted it is the tattoo artist, so one can only assume it was possibly a male who was on the receiving end of tattoo.

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