Colin Kaepernick Donates Another $100K; Over Halfway To $1M Target


He may not have a job with an NFL squad at the moment, but Colin Kaepernick continues to deliver on his promise to better this nation with his own money.

On Thursday, another announcement came down as Kaepernick donated another $100K to another charity, putting him more than halfway to his goal of donating $1 million across the country to various charities and organizations.

All of Kaepernick’s donations and details about how they’ll be used can be found on his foundation’s website.

Silence is Violence is a group that fights institutional violence on Canadian university campuses, particularly sexual and gendered violence. Life After Hate is run by former members of the violent American far-right extremist movement, who aim to “counter the seeds of hate we once planted.” And Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle is a Baltimore-based grassroots think tank that works to “change the discourse around local and regional politics by injecting community voices into political conversations through policy research, advocacy, and community organizing from a grassroots perspective.”

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