Florida Gators Mascot is a HERO! Puts Himself in Harm’s Way to Save Kid’s Life (Video)

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There’s a lot of words that can be used to describe mascots, none of which are all THAT complimentary. But the Florida Gators mascot may have just elevated the status of mascots the world over through his selfless, brave act during a game against Central Florida last night.

Ok. So it wasn’t THAT selfless or brave, but it was pretty cool. The gator was out in the crowd, harassing fans as mascots do, when a foul ball drifted towards the very fan he was bugging, a little boy.

The Gator wrapped the kid up and took a shot to the noggin to protect him.

The mascot, Albert Gator, needed some lifesaving measures that the boy was only too happy to pay back.

A great story. A great mascot. One day they’ll make a movie about this.

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