INSANE Cafeteria Brawl Leads to Arrest of 18 Alcorn State Football Players (Videos)

Alcorn State Brawl

A couple weeks ago, an incident came out of Alcorn State that produced some very disturbing video. A room-wide brawl broke out at one of the school’s cafeterias, leading to video of people running, chasing, screaming, and even being stomped on by other students.

The whole ugly event at Alcorn State resulted in the arrest of 18 football players in the days following the outbreak.

Here are a couple of the videos:

In a report from the Clarion-Ledger, that list of players, who are all on the hook for misdemeanors rather than felonies, includes the following:

The players arrested include: sophomore defensive back Lei’shaun Ealey, sophomore defensive back Deago Sama, freshman defensive back Taurence Wilson, freshman defensive back Javen Morrison, junior defensive back Daniel Franklin, sophomore linebacker Terry Whittington, sophomore linebacker Trae Ferrell, freshman defensive lineman Kwanzi Jackson, sophomore defensive back Quintin Smith, junior defensive end Michael Brooks and junior defensive back Jalen Thomas.

The school has, of course, gone on record saying it’s launching its own investigation, so we’ll see what the team and school sanctions are shortly, but it looks like the Alcorn State football team might be looking a little thin during its first few weeks of the season.

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