Bet on Who’s Baby Will Be Bigger, Conor McGregor or Serena Williams, and Other Outrageous Prop Bets

McGregor Serena

If you think that betting on the size and timing of other people’s babies is weird…you’re right. I suppose it’s fine in the baby pool with other people, but using sports books or Vegas? Sorta creepy.

Nonetheless, if you’re the type of person who does sorta creepy things, you can put some action on a number of prop bets that compare Conor McGregor’s upcoming kid with Serena Williams’ upcoming kid.

Why would you do that?

I have no idea.

Slightly less bizarre than betting on a baby’s physical features is the ability to bet on the baby names.

I’m not really sure how that works (there’s a lot of names out there), but that seems more wholesome than betting on weight, so I guess it’s an improvement?

Hat Tip – [Uproxx]

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