The Blackhawks Were Eliminated, But Not Before Duncan Keith Delivered the ‘Hit of the Playoffs’ (Video)

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 8.10.09 AM

The Nashville Predators have bested the Chicago Blackhawks, but if Chi-town fans are looking for a little consolation, perhaps they can find it in this clip of Duncan Keith absolutely leveling Viktor Arvidsson with a completely legal and effortless-looking body check.

Viktor’s taken off the ground, his helmet goes flying, and the whole time, Keith doesn’t budge an inch. It’s like judo—he used his opponent’s momentum against himself.

Is it as good as remaining in the playoffs if you’re a Blackhawks fan? Probably not, but still…it’s something, isn’t it?

Either way, Viktor got a pretty painful reminder of why one must always keep their head up, especially while moving through open ice, and especially with the puck.

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