Former Patriots Beat Writer Shares Chilling Story How Aaron Hernandez Threatened To Kill Him


When Aaron Hernandez’s name first came up as part of a murder investigation, it threw a bunch of people off as New England isn’t known for having bad eggs on their team whatsoever. No one had a clue how much of a double life Hernandez was living until you talk to the people that were closest to him or spent a bunch of time around him.

Despite failing multiple drug tests in college and there being plenty of warning signs around him, his talent superseded it all and he quickly became a fan favorite in New England.

Ian Rapoport, who covered Hernandez for the Boston Herald and now works for NFL Network, recently told a chilling story about an encounter he had with Hernandez one day in the locker room.  

The exchange didn’t mean much to Rapoport…until Hernandez was arrested for murder.

There weren’t a lot of guys that were just hanging out in the locker room, especially during those years, so we would hang out and we would talk. When we first exchanged numbers, he called me over and said, “Hey I just want you to know, you’re my guy. If you need anything let me know, I will help you out if I can. But I just want you to know, if you f— me over, I’ll kill you.”

I sort of laughed a little bit, and I said, “Don’t worry, I got you, I’ll take care of you.” It was me and this other reporter from CBS Sports, William Bendetson, and he was standing there and had listened and we kind of turned to each other and both laughed. And then the first text I got after it became clear that Hernandez was the suspect in the murder investigation was from William Bendetson, who was like, Hey, remember that day in the locker room?

Rapoport then went on to explain how Hernandez never really hung out with Gronkowski or any of the teammates, but a different group outside of football.  And while it wasn’t a red flag, it was note-worthy.

I would come at it from a different angle. To me, he was always a little edgy. The things that stuck out to me were, there was a lot of conversation from media people about him and [Rob] Gronkowski. Are you guys buddies? Do you hang out off the field? And they really didn’t. Guys can be friends with whoever they want, but when a guy doesn’t hang out with his teammates, it’s not a red flag, but it is noteworthy. I always noted that he had a different group that he was hanging out with. I knew he was a tough dude and I knew he was very edgy and I always sort of accepted that.

I knew about his drug past, Albert [Breer] detailed that pretty well. I heard all the stories, drug tests and all that. I honestly just assumed that he was still doing some of that stuff, so I wouldn’t say I was really surprised. I guess I was surprised mostly by how much I liked him. He and I got along really well. We had each other’s numbers, he would help me out with explaining stuff, like, If you need anything, give me a call. He would talk about the different things that he was doing away from the field. We got along really well. I would not say I was close to him, but we were definitely friendly. I was surprised by that.

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