Rajon Rondo Was Fined $25K For Trying To Trip Jae Crowder During Game 3 (VIDEO)


During the first two games of Chicago’s series against the Boston Celtics, Bulls PG Rajon Rondo was playing spectacularly.  And then he got injured and couldn’t play Game 3.

Forced to sit out in a suit during for the Bulls’ first home playoff game of the year, Rondo still wanted to make his presence known on the floor, but he was caught going about it in the wrong way.

Rondo looked as though he attempted to trip Celtics forward Jae Crowder after a made bucket late in the first quarter.


The NBA fined Rondo $25,000 for attempting to trip Crowder. 

Rondo denied trying to trip Crowder.  He told the media, “when you tear an ACL, your leg gets stiff every once and awhile. I stretch my leg out throughout the game… I guess he got so deep into our bench it looked like whatever may have happened.”

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