Melo’s Mistress Wanted to Date a Married NBA Player & Get Pregnant Just For The Perks

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This is pretty much what every chick hopes to get off of dating a multi-millionaire athlete.

What started out as a secret affair ended up ending the marriage for Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La. Details of Melo’s mistress motive weren’t too clear until a friend of hers decided to leak her name to set the record straight after false reports of her being a stripper in NY.

Mia met Carmelo at Room Seven, a club in Chicago, when he was here for the NBA draft doing press,” he told “Chicago Morning Takeover.” “She’s not a stripper … she works in education setting up programs.”

“I’ve known that [they’ve dated] for some months now,” he added.

Jacobs added that he heard about Burks’ pregnancy through mutual friends, and said she never intended to harm Anthony’s marriage.

“She was more giddy about it than anything,” he told the radio station. “When those type of girls talk to those kind of guys, I don’t think that’s the premise in the back of their head, ‘I’m gonna go destroy this happy home.’ It’s fun. It’s perks.”

 Carmelo Anthony’s alleged mistress, Mia Angel Burks, supposedly got pregnant to ‘hustle’ money from the NBA player. One of Mia’s friends put her on blast on April 20, claiming she ‘wanted’ the baby in order to get some dough.

The girl used to date Lil Durk and “mess with” Ryan Henry from Black Ink Chicago, and she’s still looking for a “guy to hold her down.” As far as the alleged pregnancy goes, Anthony claims Mia probably “wanted it.”

The friend went on to state that Melo wasn’t really taking her serious until she started spending her own money to fly to New York just to see him.

“Jacobs alleged that Burks would fly to New York to see Anthony on her own dime — and said La La likely didn’t know a thing about it.

“Carmelo wasn’t taking her serious to the point where she started to buy her own plane tickets to go see him,” he said.

Clearly, this chick was motivated to get what she wanted out of Melo and he fell right into her trap.

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