Dion Waiters Says The NBA Is Lucky The Miami Heat Aren’t In The Playoffs

Miami Heat vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

The Miami Heat went on one of the best second-half runs this league has ever seen, but thanks to a putrid start they just missed the playoffs on the final day of games—due to an eighth-place tiebreaker with Chicago.

For that reason alone, Dion Waiters says the entire NBA is lucky they didn’t qualify for the postseason. In a post for the The Players’ Tribune titled, “The NBA Is Lucky I’m Home Doing Damn Articles,” Waiters recalled a story of a dinner he had with his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammate Kevin Durant this past season:

“I told him, ‘Bro, we’re about to go on a run.’

(Durant) was looking at me like like, Yeah, alright.

I said, ‘Naw, I’m serious. We’re gonna rip off seven straight.’

He said, ‘Yeah, but we’re coming to Miami in two weeks.’

I said, ‘Yeah, that’s a W. Bet.’

He was laughing his ass off.

We got back home and won three straight, and then Kev and those boys came to our building.”

That game was a huge one for the Heat, as Waiters drained a buzzer-beating three to defeat the Warriors.


“What’s the analytics on that?” Waiters asks, fully aware of his reputation among NBA statheads as an inefficient shooter. “That’s a W. Then I hit ’em with the pose.”

Waiters made $2.9 million this past season and is expected to opt-out of his current contract so he can cash in after the season he just had.

After starting the year 10-31 and finishing 31-10, Waiters was adamant that the HEAT would’ve made some big time noise in the playoffs.

“I know Kev is reading this right now, like, ‘Thank God this dude is at home doing articles instead of lurking in the playoffs,'” Waiters wrote. “You didn’t wanna see us, Kev!”

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