Make-A-Wish & Baltimore Ravens Granted This Teen a REALLY Cool Wish (Video)


Fourteen-year-old TJ Onwuanibe was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, and when the Make-a-Wish people came calling, as they so often do for sick kids in need, he told them that it was his dream to attend the NFL Draft in Philadelphia. 

Well, you might be rolling your eyes at the notion of attending an NFL draft as one’s biggest dream, and that’s okay. Apparently, the Make-a-Wish people did, too. Because they’re not just sending him to the draft,.  They’re also setting him up to announce the draft pick of his hometown team, the Baltimore Ravens.

TJ got the news in dramatic fashion in a video featuring John Harbaugh in front of his fellow students at a school assembly:

Here’s the original footage of Harbaugh’s announcement, too.

No word yet on which name TJ will be announcing, but the Ravens have the #16 pick in the draft.

Oh, and if this story wasn’t good enough, TJ’s cancer has been in remission since February, so there’s a lot to like here.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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