WATCH: 101-Year-Old Sprinter Wins Gold in 100-Meters at 2017 Masters Games (Video)

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How fast do you think you can run 100 meters? Usain Bolt can do it in under 10 seconds. Once you take a stab at your time now, try again to imagine how quickly you’d cover that distance after you’ve been kickin’ around for over a century.

Man Kaur of India doesn’t need to guess. She knows. She’s competed at several Masters track events in her advanced elderly years, and the experience has paid off in spite of her age. At a whopping 101-years-old, she can run the 100M in 1:14. That’s one minute and fourteen seconds. 

How does her time compare to the 100M times of her competitors in the 100-and-over division?  That’s tough to say, seeing as how there were no other competitors in the 100-and-over division.

That’s right. Kaur was guaranteed victory from the start—as long as she survived the 100-meter journey.

Here’s the clip you know you wanna see:

Man, that’s awesome. Usain Bolt better watch his back, because I don’t think she’s done training and improving.

Hat Tip – [Times of India]

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