Pro Golf Horndog Grayson Murray Flirts with High School Girl on Twitter (Tweets)

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Image via Getty

Remember Grayson Murray, the PGA golfer who got Instagram model Lindsey Pelas to agree to caddy for him at the Masters Par 3 contest if he actually qualified for the tournament?

Well, as you may have heard, he did not actually qualify for the tournament. So he did not get to spend any quality time with Lindsey Pelas.

Fortunately, Grayson hasn’t let this put a dampen on his efforts to find dates on social media. In fact, it would seem his relative success with Lindsey Pelas (she didn’t say no) has only emboldened the 23-year-old rookie to brach out and try his luck with…high school girls!

Oh yes, I’m serious. Take a look at this interaction:

grayson murray tweets at high school girl
An underage female fan mentioned Murray in a Tweet, and he responded by flirting with her.

The good news is that Murray immediately realized he’d made a huge mistake and deleted the tweet. The bad news is nothing like this ever gets deleted soon enough.

How’d the underage female fan take it? She replied “Well thanks!” with a blushing smile emoji. However, her twitter feed has since been made private.

The lesson here? Don’t hit on underage girls on Twitter. Or, you know, at all.

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