Sister of Titans Draft Pick Corey Davis Jokingly Asks for Butt Implants (Video)

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Image via Getty

Being a top five pick in the NFL draft is a lot like winning the lottery. On the one hand you know you’re going to be rich, which is awesome. On the other hand you also know everyone you’ve ever met is going to be asking you for money, which is not awesome.

Ask Titans draft pick Corey Davis about this. On Thursday the former Western Michigan wide receiver was selected fifth overall, which means he will soon be a millionaire. Which is awesome. However, his sister LaToya Davis already has an idea of what he can give her if he wants to share the wealth.

The folks at TMZ caught up with LaToya outside the draft in Philly and asked her how she was feeling. In fairness to her, she said all nice things about her little brother—that he worked so hard, and that deserved his big payday, and that she was proud of him.

However, when pressed if there was anything she’d like to ask her bro for, her answer was pretty hilarious.

Check it out:

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Yep, Corey Davis, your sister would like you to pay for some butt implants. Not a house. Not an education. Butt implants.

Maybe just put the money in a mutual fund.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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