NHL Reporter Mike Milbury on P.K. Subban: Needs to ‘Control’ His Personality & He’s a Clown For Dancing

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On Friday night during warmups, NBCSN’s cameras caught defenseman P.K. Subban dancing just before Game 2 between the Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues.


For whatever reason, this upset NBC’s Mike Milbury, who went on a rant about how Subban needs to control his personality and stop dancing like a clown.

“He’s got a tremendous personality and sometimes you’ve got to keep it under control. I know it’s a new day and age and everybody wants to be on Instagram or Twitter. But you’ve got to keep focus. This is a tough game. When I see this I start to think maybe (Predators coach) Peter Laviolette ought to give him a rap on the head and say, ‘Hey P.K. focus in, we’ve got a game tonight and you don’t have to be a clown out there.’

And he will. He’s been a clown in the past and we’ve seen him act like a clown but when he’s serious and focused he’s one hell of a player.”

Apparently, showing any type of enjoyment while playing a sport is frowned upon.

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