49ers’ Reaction to the Bears Moving Up to Draft Mitch Trubisky Is Priceless

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We all know quarterbacks are a very rare and valuable commodity in the current NFL. So it wasn’t a big surprise that a team like the Bears, now Cutler-free, would take pains to move up just one pick in order to get their guy, UNC quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

But what the other team in that trade, the 49ers, didn’t realize was just how much they were going to get for sliding back just one pick in the draft.

Peter King reports in MMQB that the 49ers were sure that the Bears were going to steal their pick, Solomon Thomas, by trading up, so San Fran made contingency plans.

Then the announcement came. According to MMQB, here’s the conversation that took place between Niners GM John Lynch and VP of Football Operations Paraag Marathe in the team’s war room:

The Bears agreed. They’d give two third-round picks and a fourth-rounder to move up one spot.

“Man, who do they want?” Lynch said. “Gotta be Solomon, right?”

“Call me crazy,” Marathe said. “But I think it’s Trubisky.”

“Then why’d they go get [free-agent quarterback Mike] Glennon?” Lynch said

Later the mood in the room was one of relief:

5:21 PT. Lynch: “TRUBISKY!”

Marathe: “I TOLD YOU!”

That was a shock. Now the room went from possibly/probably reaching for Foster to picking Thomas.

Everyone got what they wanted. Only Chicago had to give up a TON to get the guy that would have been available with their original pick anyway.

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