Drew Pearson Was Urged By Roger Goodell to Taunt Eagles Fans During NFL Draft (Video)

drew pearson

The 2017 NFL Draft was held in Philadelphia this past weekend, and it had its share of memorable moments—including the opening, when Eagles fans booed the hell out of Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Apparently, Goodell didn’t take that lying down.  In fact, he actually encouraged former Dallas Cowboys WR Drew Pearson to antagonize the crowd with that now infamous speech while announcing the Cowboys draft pick.

“Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson told PFT Live on Monday that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell encouraged his trolling of Philadelphia fans at the 2017 draft.

“I’m thinking he might say, ‘Oh, no, don’t say anything like that, that might get them too fired up, might cause a riot out there in that crowd.’ But to my surprise, he encouraged me to say that and to get the crowd even more riled up,” Pearson said.

Pearson, 66, announced the Cowboys’ second-round pick. After being booed when stepping to the podium, Pearson basked in the moment. He goaded the Eagles fans in attendance by discussing the Cowboys’ postseason success and shouted out owner Jerry Jones, among others, for good measure.”

Pearson also stated that the NFL increased security just in case Eagles fans would get too salty and try to put their hands on him.

Check out that epic troll job once again:

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