This Epic Crash from the 2017 Red Hook Criterium Bike Race Will Make You Cringe (Video)

red hook criterium crash 2017

The Red Hook Criterium is notoriously dangerous. It’s a 22-lap, 30km road race in which competitors ride fixed-speed track bikes, and every year it produces at least one epic crash thanks to the high-speeds, hairpin turns, and lack of breaks.

That’s right, folks. No. Breaks.

The 2017 Red Hook Criterium was no different. During the women’s final on Saturday night, one of the riders in the middle of the 100-person pack crashed as she was passing the starting line. This set off a chain reaction of cyclists crashing into each other at full speed, creating one of the most gnarly pileups you will ever see.

The most insane thing isn’t even the crash itself. It’s the way these women—battered, bruised, limping—yank their bikes out of the tangled heap and ride off.

Check it out:

Pretty sure if that happened to me I’d never get on a bike again.

Of course, you have to be pretty insane just to enter this race. I wasn’t being hyperbolic when I said this happens every year. Check out the epic pileup from the 2016 men’s final at the Red Hook Crit:

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So why the hell do people do this?

“It’s chaos,” cyclist David Santos told Men’s Journal. “But it’s pretty awesome, and totally unique.”

“The Red Hook Crit is the wildest, most adrenaline-filled race you could ever be involved in,” said New York–based cyclist Jeremy Santucci. “You have the fastest track racers from around the world coming to battle it out on an F-1 course without any brakes. We’re all just a bunch of adrenaline junkies who want to go fast.”

It’s all fun and games until somebody breaks a neck.

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