Stephan Gilling ‘Relieved’ To Be Fired From Chino Hills So He Doesn’t Have To Deal With LaVar Ball (VIDEO)

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Over the weekend, Chino Hills High School announced the firing of Stephan Gilling after one season—during which he went 30-3 and finished just shy of winning a state title. Gilling publicly feuded with LaVar Ball, the father of Lonzo.  And with Ball’s other two sons currently at Chino Hills, most believed that the situation caused the school to get rid of Gilling.

The former coach has since sent ESPN an Instagram post in which he confirmed that he would not be coaching the team next season.  In it, he stated he felt ‘relieved’ after being fired.

“As of yesterday, I was relieved of my duties at Chino Hills High School,” Gilling said. “Feeling relieved about it. Just want to give a shoutout to the players. Good luck.”

Ball has also released a statement denying he had anything to do with Gilling be fired.

“LaVar Ball, the father of Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo, told ESPN that he did not get Gilling fired, despite multiple reports that he was unhappy with the coach and how he handled the team.

“He’s a really good guy, but I’m just not sure he was experienced enough,” LaVar Ball said. “But I wasn’t the reason why he’s gone. It was protocol that the job is open every year.”

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