T.Y. Hilton’s 4-Year-Old Son Is Already Breaking Ankles on the Gridiron (Video)

ty hilton son ankle breaker

T.Y. Hilton called his four-year-old son the “best athlete in the family” on Saturday, and he was probably only half kidding.

While NFL scouts and executives were in Philadelphia picking college kids in the 2017 NFL Draft, Hilton, the 27-year-old Indianapolis Colts wide receiver, was scouting someone from the Class of 2034: his four-year-old son, Eugene Hilton Jr.

Being four, little Eugene isn’t playing tackle football just yet. But he is playing flag football with much larger boys. And he is making them look foolish.

Just take a look at this amazing touchdown:

Did you see that juke at the end that sent that other, much larger kid flying? Yeah, let’s zoom in on that:

RIP to that kid’s ankles.

As for little Eugene, again, he’s only four years old. However, with those moves and that hair, he’s basically a miniature version of his Pro Bowl daddy.

I feel bad for the kids who have to play against him.

Hat Tip – [SB Nation]

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