Adam Schefter Spilled Some Starbucks Coffee on Himself, and It’s Becoming a National Twitter Saga

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

The NFL draft is a weird thing. The league has crammed it down our throat so often that we pretty much listen to whatever giant non-stories come out of the thing, nodding our heads and pretending to care.

But the biggest story out of this year’s draft isn’t a player. It’s a cup of coffee belonging to NFL reporter Adam Schefter.

Watch it unfold:

Hmm. Okay. Whatever.

Things got very real very quickly.

The “confession” from the barista (who wasn’t really a barista) resulted in Starbucks corporate apologizing and staff at a DIFFERENT Starbucks also apologizing when he came in later.

I think we might be getting a little too touchy and sensitive, folks.

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