Benches Clear at Astros-Rangers Game After Throw Behind Mike Napoli (Video)

benches clear

Things got heated between the Houston Astros and Texas Rangers in Houston on Monday night. Benches cleared in the top of the sixth after the Rangers’ Mike Napoli took exception to a pitch thrown behind him. Pretty soon the bullpens came running in, too, and everybody was shoving and yelling at each other.

Officially, Major League Baseball frowns uponthis sort of stuff. Unofficially, this is exactly what they had in mind when they moved the Houston Astros from the National League Central to the American League West. Nothing sell tickets like a heated geographic rivalry.

Monday’s tensions started with a couple of beaned batters. Rangers starter Andrew Cashner hit Astros second baseman Jose Altuve with a pitch in the first inning, then he hit first baseman Yuli Gurriel with a pitch in the second inning.

In the top of the sixth Astros starter Lance McCullers threw behind Mike Napoli, who had homered in his previous at-bat in the fourth inning. Naturally, Napoli thought it was intentional. So he shot McCullers a death stare, and soon everybody was out on the field shouting bad words at each other.

Amazingly, this near-brawl didn’t have anything to do with Rougned Odor. But of course, the pugnacious second baseman was right there in the middle of the action.

Take a look:

The Astros went on to win Game 1 of the three-game set by a score of 6-2, thanks to a five-run seventh. If you have a subscription to MLB TV, you might want to tune in to Game 2 tonight.

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