CC Sabathia: Boston Is The Only Place I Have Heard The N-Word

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

Baltimore Orioles star Adam Jones’ horrible experience playing in Boston on Monday night—where fans threw peanuts at him and called him the n-word—comes as no surprise to other players in the league.

New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia stated on Tuesday that Boston is the only MLB city in which he has been called the N-word.

“Not since I have been here because we have our security guards here,’’ an emotional Sabathia said before Tuesday night’s Blue Jays-Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. “When I was with Cleveland it was bad, really bad. You get called all kind of names, called the N-word when you go to Boston.’’

Sabathia stated he was ‘disgusted’ by the antics of fans in Boston, but wasn’t the least bit surprised.

“We know. There are 62 of us, and we all know that when you go to Boston, expect it,’’ Sabathia said. “I have never been called the N-word anywhere else.’’

“It pisses you off, and it’s sad that you still have to deal with that in this day and age,’’ said Sabathia, who was formulating a plan to explain to his sons the situation when they ask. “It is what it is, and we all know. You have to get ready for it, I guess.’’

As a Yankee, Reggie Jackson stated he never got called racial slurs in Boston, but noted the problems minority players have experienced there.

“I never got the name-calling, not in Boston, but you always knew that Boston was a difficult place for minorities,’’ the Hall of Fame outfielder said outside the Yankees clubhouse. “Bill Russell had problems. Someone defecated in his dining room, and that is one of the reasons he didn’t go back. Russell had trouble there. Jim Rice had trouble there. [The Red Sox] were the last to integrate.’’

“This thing with Adam Jones makes you well up and get teary-eyed,’’ Jackson said. “Really, you feel that way.’’

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