Charles Oakley Thinks Carmelo Anthony Should Leave New York & Join OKC, Clippers, or Utah (VIDEO)

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Carmelo Anthony is locked in through next season with the New York Knicks for $26.2 million, with an option in 2018-19 for $27.9 million.  So unless he waives his no-trade clause, he’ll have to deal with yet another tumultuous season with the team.

Former NBA enforcer Charles Oakley had a very public and physical confrontation with the Knicks this past season, which caused him to be thrown out and banned from MSG.

Not sure if Oakley is looking out for Melo’s best interest or if he just wants the Knicks to suck, but he recently spoke with TMZ and stated Melo needs to get out of New York as soon as possible and take his talents to one of these three destinations.

“I think he’s got a lot left (in the tank). I think he just needs to get out of New York. He needs to go somewhere to a team that’s on the bubble, a team that needs another scorer like OKC (Thunder) or Clippers. There’s a lot of teams that can use him,” Oakley said to TMZ at a BTIG charity event in the Big Apple Tuesday.

“I think he just needs a change. This city is just, you know, so much going on with management. You know, you deserve better, but you have to speak up for yourself.”

After a 31-52 season, the Knicks failed to qualify for the playoffs for the 4th straight year.

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