Cubs’ World Series Trophy Damaged at Theo Epstein Charity Party (Video)

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Every year, Theo Epstein and his brother throw a party in Boston, stemming back from his Red Sox GM days, called “Hot Stove Cool Music.” As you might imagine from a baseball-themed charity party in Boston featuring live rock music (from Eddie Vedder), things can get a little…crazy.

Late into the party (around 1 AM), the trophies for both the 2016 Cubs and 2004 Red Sox were busted out and, for some insane reason, sent to surf above the drunken crowd.

Passing the trophies around #maybethatwasntagoodidea #chicagocubs #bostonredsox #hotstovecoolmusic #eddievedder

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And…wouldn’t you know it? They were damaged! Well, at least the Cubs one was. According to The Boston Globe:

The pieces were later retrieved and the trophy was “repaired” in time to be displayed alongside the Red Sox trophy at Sunday’s primetime Cubs-Sox game at Fenway. As far as we know, none of the fans who donated $20 to the Red Sox Foundation and Chicago Cubs Charities to have their picture taken with the trophies noticed the solder (or superglue) that was keeping the Cubs trophy together.

The damage was reportedly done to the little flags that stick off the top. They were quickly fixed, however, and now both of the trophies have a great story behind them.

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