Former NBA Player Doug Overton Charged With Indecent Exposure For Walking Around With Genitals Exposed


Doug Overton, a former La Salle star and NBA journeyman who played for 8 teams in 11 seasons, was charged with indecent exposure over the weekend in Philadelphia.

Overton is currently the head basketball coach at Lincoln (Pa.) University, but that all could change based on witness statements of what he did.

According to several witnesses, Overton was just walking around a park, letting his penis hang out for all to see.

“One of the callers told police the man appeared to be touching himself around his genitals. Another witness told police the man’s penis was outside of his pants and that he was continuously looking at a female in the area. The witnesses then told police he was seen walking on the trail with his penis exposed.

A male witness told police the subject was walking toward him with his penis fully out of his pants. He was described by the witness as walking “calmly and deliberately” and seemed to be aware that he was exposing himself but “seemed content with the situation,” police reported.”

The school and Overton have yet to comment on this story.


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