Manny Machado Goes on Expletive-Filled Tirade About Red Sox, Blasts Their “F*****g P***y S**t” (Videos)

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Manny Machado is pissed off at the Boston Red Sox, and he does not care who knows it.

The Baltimore Orioles superstar busted out the scorched-earth rhetoric while speaking to reporters on Tuesday night about Red Sox starter Chris Sale throwing behind him in the first inning.

Here’s video of Machado’s bleep-filled rant:


And here’s an un-redacted transcript:

“Fucking bullshit. Fucking pussy shit. Coward stuff. I mean, that’s the stuff you don’t fucking do. But I mean, I’m not on that side, I’m not in that organization. They’re still thinking about that same slide that I did that was no intention on hurting anybody and I’m still paying, I’m still trying to get hit at. Getting thrown at my fucking head, getting fucking thrown at everywhere. It’s fucking bullshit. I’ve lost mad respect for that organization, for that coaching staff, for everyone over there.”


“I mean, if you’re going to fucking hit me, hit me. Go ahead. Fucking hit me. Don’t let this shit keep lingering, fucking around and keep trying to hit people. It’s fucking bullshit. Pitchers out there with fucking balls in their hands, throwing 100 mph trying to hit people. And I’ve fucking got a bat too. I could go out there and crush somebody if I wanted to. But you know what, I’d get suspended for a year and the pitcher only gets suspended for two games. That’s not cool.”

Tensions between the Orioles and Red Sox started on April 21, when Machado slid into Boston’s Dustin Pedroia at second base, accidentally spiking him and forcing Pedroia to miss a couple of games. On April 23, Boston pitcher Eduardo Rodriguez tried to hit Machado three times. Then, later in the same game, Matt Barnes threw a 97 mph fastball at Machado’s head, earning himself a four-game suspension from Major League Baseball.

According to the sacred Unwritten Rules of Baseball, when a guy does something bad you get one shot at revenge. The Red Sox took four at Machado. That should have been the end of it. But on Monday night at Fenway, Orioles pitcher Dylan Bundy plunked Mookie Betts. So the Red Sox figured that entitled them to another crack at Machado.

So in the first inning of Tuesday’s game, Chris Sale threw behind Machado, and both teams got a warning from the home plate umpire:

Later in the game Machado took revenge on Sale by crushing a bomb to left center field. But apparently that wasn’t enough, so after the game he dropped a bunch of f-bombs as well.

The good news? The Orioles and Red Sox still have two more games to play this week. Should be fun!

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