MMA Star DESTROYS Tai Chi Master in 10 Seconds, Now Other Masters Wants a Piece (Video)

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I was never aware that tai chi, the martial art/meditation practice that you often see old people performing in the park, was considered a powerful form of defense. Then I heard of this video of an MMA fighter taking on a tai chi master and figured there must be SOME legitimacy to tai chi as self-defense.

THEN, I saw the video and realized, nope, MMA fighters murder tai chi guys. This one managed to do it in just 10 seconds.

Seems cut and dry, right? Well, not quite. Now other tai chi experts want a crack at this guy.

The Chinese MMA fighter, Xu Xiaodong, has said that quite a few other tai chi masters want a crack at him to validate their discipline. Xu is playing along, saying that he could even beat two or three of them at once.

One challenger, Lu Xing, took exception, saying, “He is deeply biased against the traditional martial arts and his words were insulting. I challenged him so he could have a fresh perspective of tai chi and the true traditional martial arts.”

Lu said he thinks tai chi practitioners have an 80% chance of winning because they have “an iron fist, air foot and iron back, which took more than 20 years of hard training.”

No date’s set on subsequent matches, but with so many guys defending their martial art, this sounds like an old-school throwdown!

Hat Tip – [Today Online]

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