Most Surprising NFL Draft Stat: Zero Citations & Arrests In Philadelphia

2017 NFL Draft

Has the city of Philadelphia turned the corner?

Even with a quarter of a million people rolling through the NFL draft on the steps of Philadelphia’s Art Museum, and despite the flowing of many beers throughout the event, and despite Drew Pearson antagonizing Eagles fans before announcing the Cowboys draft pick, Philadelphia truly was a city of brotherly love.

According to Chris Palmer of the Philadelphia Inquirer, there were exactly zero arrests last weekend during the NFL Draft.

Even more amazing was Philadelphia police stating that they didn’t hand out a single citation, which is an impressive feat when you consider the massive crowd.

Let’s compare the NFL draft to other events held in Philadelphia.

– Pope Francis came to town in 2015, there were three arrests.

– Democratic National Convention in 2016 included 106 citations.

During last year’s NFL Draft in Chicago, 17 arrests were made, mainly for people protesting and blocking traffic.

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