The Edmonton Oilers Changed a Bunch of Women’s Bathrooms Into Men’s Bathrooms for the Playoffs

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This season the Edmonton Oilers moved into a brand new $480 million arena. Unfortunately, it seems that arena doesn’t have nearly enough toilets—or at least, not enough for regular fans.

The new arena, which was cleverly named Rogers Place to distinguish it from the Canucks’ Rogers Arena and the Blue Jays’ Rogers Centre, has 485 toilets. Technically, that’s 105 more than the 380 at their old arena. However, it turns out that the average ticket holder only has access to 322 of those toilets. A whopping 163 toilets are located in premium VIP areas to which the typical fan does not have access.

None of this was a problem during the regular season, presumably because fans were more willing to get up and go whenever nature called. During the playoffs, however, the bathroom situation has become dire. Fans have reported waiting in line to take a leak for the entire intermission. And in a reverse of what you typically find at sports venues, it’s worse for men. As one female fan told the National Post, “I could pee and grab beer and my (boyfriend) was still in line.”

There is no actual data to explain why the lineups for men’s bathrooms are longer than lineups for the women’s bathrooms. However, the Oilers think it has to do with changing demographics for playoff hockey. Instead of a diverse mix of men, women, and children, the crowds are skewing male.

The Oilers’ solution? No, no, they didn’t open up some of the VIP bathrooms. Making rich people mingle with regular people? That’s crazy! The Oilers came up with a much better solution. And by “better” I mean controversial.

For Game 3 of their series against the Anaheim Ducks on Sunday, the Oilers turned some of the women’s bathrooms into men’s bathrooms. So in other words, they took a convenience away from their female fans and gave it to their male fans.

Rogers Place general manager Susan Darrington—a woman herself—thinks this was an excellent solution.

“You’ll never make everyone happy,” she told Global News. “I think we actually feel good about what we’ve done. The men are getting through faster, the women are seeing a little more of a delay.”

Unfortunately, female Oilers fans disagree:

The Oilers might want to see if they can figure out a better, less divisive solution to their bathroom problem before Game 6 rolls around.

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