Report: Jay Cutler Auditioning For FOX Broadcasting Role

Jay Cutler

With no one interested in hiring Jay Cutler the quarterback, at least one television network is considering employing Jay Cutler the broadcaster.

According to ESPN, the former Chicago Bears quarterback headed out to Los Angeles on April 27 to audition for a role with FOX.  The reason for the audition was likely to see if Cutler could handle himself in front of a microphone, seeing as how he’s not exactly the most charismatic man out there.

It is believed the network is considering him for the analyst role alongside Kevin Burkhardt.  The role was vacated by John Lynch when he joined the San Francisco 49ers’ front office this offseason as the team’s new general manager.

Cutler has yet to officially announce his retirement.  It was recently reported that he had been calling the Houston Texans in hopes of landing a job there, but the team wasn’t interested and eventually drafted DeShaun Watson in the first round of last week’s NFL Draft.

Will Jay Cutler be wanted this time around?  We’ll find out.


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