ESPN Laid Off ‘Sportscenter’ Anchor the Day She Returned From Maternity Leave (TWEET)


ESPN’s recent rounds of layoffs have been brutal in both their speed and their scope. Much of the on-air talent has been sent packing in an effort to cut costs and keep the company afloat. And with those goals in mind, there’s little room for compassion.

Or, if there is, ESPN doesn’t seem to be looking too hard for it.

The very day Sara Walsh was set to return to work at the network’s flagship show, Sportscenter, she was hit with news that she would be included in the layoffs as well.

On the one hand, with a round of layoffs this massive, giving an anchor a day or two to delay their fate seems kinda silly. But, on the other hand, ouch.

Hopefully, her severance package will afford her the opportunity to spend a little more time with her kids before getting back on the job elsewhere.

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