Golden State Interim Coach Mike Brown Gave a Priceless Reaction to Lonzo Ball’s $500 Shoes (Video)


As almost everyone knows by now, Lonzo Ball, along with his dad, Lavar, have introduced a pair of shoes under their own brand, Big Baller, that will be really, really expensive—$500, actually.

This news is shocking in that $500 is a lot to spend on shoes, but not surprising that it’s coming from Lavar Ball and C0., who seem to have an inflated sense of what a college player’s unproven brand is worth.

Warriors interim coach Mike Brown got hit with the news of the shoes in a press conference and couldn’t stop laughing about the whole ridiculous thing. Probably not the reaction the Balls were hoping for:

When asked if he’d pony up the cash, Brown responded, “Uhhhhhhhh, NO,” laughing heartily the entire time.

He won’t be buying them for his kids any time soon. Sorry, young ones. You’ll have to make due with $200 Jordans or something.

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