Dude Becomes Washington Sports Hero After Wearing “Fire Dan Snyder” T-Shirt to Caps Playoff Game (Tweets)

fire dan snyder t-shirt

Lots of people hate Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder. But they don’t all hate him for the same reasons.

Progressive NFL fans hate Dan Snyder because he refuses to change the team’s racially offensive name, and has in fact hired a whole team of lawyers and PR people to defend it. However, Washington sports fans hate him because he can’t produce anything even remotely resembling a winning football team, and because he’s an asshole who sues little old grandmas and gets beat reporters fired for doing their jobs.

On Saturday, one of these Washington sports fans decided to put his money where his mouth is. His name is David Duber. He’s 25, he’s a Redskins season ticket holder, and also a huge Capitals fan. He wore his T.J. Oshie sweater to the first two games of the Capitals’ second round playoff series against the hated Pittsburgh Penguins, but since they lost both those games he decided to switch things up for Game 5. So with the Capitals down 3-1 and facing elimination, Duber wore his beloved “Fire Dan Snyder” t-shirt.

If Duber hadn’t been sitting right behind the glass nobody would have noticed the t-shirt. But Duber was sitting right behind the glass. So when Nicklas Backstrom scored his season-saving goal to tie the game in the third period, Duber’s “Fire Dan Snyder” t-shirt was front and center:

Now he’s a Washington sports hero:

If the Caps can find a way to win Game 6 and bring the series back to DC for a Game 7, you can expect to see Dave Duber in his “Fire Dan Snyder” t-shirt sitting right behind the glass again.

Hat Tip – [FTW, Washington Post]

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