Deputy Who Racially Profiled Former Atlanta Hawks’ Mike Scott Gets Fired

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Back in 2015, former Atlanta Hawks player Mike Scott had his world turned upside down when he was pulled over after allegedly “failing to yield to officers” and charged with possession of more than an ounce of marijuana and 10.9 grams of MDMA, or “Molly.”

Less than a week after a Georgia judge cleared Scott of felony drug charges, the police department fired one of the arresting deputies that was present on that night.

Yahoo Sports lays out the details:

Some 22 months later, Banks County Superior Judge Currie Mingledorff II suppressed all evidence and dismissed the charges on Wednesday, citing insufficient reason for the traffic stop, improper search of the vehicle, no probable cause for an arrest and a failure to “enforce the law in a racially neutral manner,” per reports from The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Via the AJC:
In his eight-page ruling, Mingledorff gutted the sheriff office’s handling of the case, singling out Deputy Brent Register, a key witness, of providing “testimony that was in contradiction to admitted documentary evidence.” Mingledorff also found it “surprising and concerning” there was no video evidence provided of the stop “in an era in which police conduct is so carefully scrutinized.”
And from Wojnarowski:
“In my 35 years of practicing law, this could be the worst case of racial profiling I have ever seen,” Steve Weiner, counsel for Mike Scott, told The Vertical. “Hopefully this will lead to Banks County, Georgia, re-evaluating their policies.”
Then, over the weekend, the Banks County Sheriff’s Office relieved Deputy Brent Register of his duties.
“Our agency’s recent administrative review of the Scott case ruling has resulted in the dismissal of Brent Register from Banks County Sheriff’s Office,” BCSO spokesperson Carissa McFadden said in a statement to Banks News Today. “We addressed an issue that was brought to our attention immediately. In the profession of law enforcement, issues will arise in every agency due to an essence of individuals being imperfect. One officer’s actions does not reflect the agency as a whole.”

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