Buffalo Bills Tweet Tongue-in-Cheek ‘Apology’ to the Panthers for Continually Stealing Their Staff (TWEET)


I’m not sure what the Buffalo Bills were trying to accomplish with their recent tweet to the Carolina Panthers, offering a fake-ish apology for poaching their staff in the offseason. Most recently, they brought in former Carolina GM Brandon Beane—following their acquisition of head coach Sean McDermott, who was Carolina’s defensive coordinator.

Before we get any further, here’s the odd message sent yesterday evening:

Weird, right? It’s not funny enough to be a joke, and it certainly doesn’t seem sincere, so…what’s the point?

I would think that a tweet out to another team would have to be sanctioned by at least one seniorish person, so this was likely a group effort. Hopefully it comes across as more earnest to the Panthers than it does to me.

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