LaVar Ball Says Big Baller Sneakers Are $495 Because They Are Exclusive & His Son is One of a Kind (VIDEO)


Lonzo Ball might be selected somewhere in the top 3 picks in the NBA draft in June, but unlike other top prospects before him, the talk centered around him has absolutely nothing to do with his game and what he brings to a franchise that’s looking to change their future.

Instead, the talk has been about his signature shoe that was unveiled last Thursday—and the $495 price tag that was attached to it. People couldn’t wrap their head around an unproven player charging so much for a shoe, as he has yet to even be selected by a team and grace an NBA court.

Don’t worry. His father, LaVar Ball, who was a guest on FS1’s ‘Undisputed,’ decided to explain why the shoe was priced so high to begin with.

“It’s not just a shoe you just go into a store or something like that and you say, ‘You know what, let me get the Kyries, the LeBrons, and by the way, throw in the Z02s. Nah, Z02s mean something, that’s why the price tag is like that.”

He went on to explain that the price tag remains because his son is the first player to have his own brand before ever playing a game in the NBA.”

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