Ray Allen’s Agents Offer Lame Excuse for Facebook Trolling of Rondo, Claim Allen’s Account Was Hacked (PIC)

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As most NBA fans know by now, the players from the Celtics’ most recent championship team appeared on Kevin Garnett’s show earlier to sit down and chat. Ray Allen was noticeably absent, and it seems many are still a little miffed that he bailed on the team for Miami in 2012.

He didn’t take the criticism lying down, offering up this troll job on his Facebook page (since removed) shortly thereafter:


Whatever. Seems reasonable enough to push back on five-year-old criticisms.

But Allen’s team is walking the post back. After it was deleted, they’re saying his account was hacked by someone who apparently was defending him. What a magnanimous “hacker” this person was!

They also “unverified” Ray Allen’s Facebook page, which I guess means that he’s at the mercy of those pesky “hackers.”

Stand by your statement, Ray.



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