Report: Matt Harvey Skipped Mets Game Because He Was Depressed About Adriana Lima Hooking Up with Julian Edelman

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You can always count on the New York Post to dig up the most salacious angle on any New York sports scandal. This ongoing Matt Harvey saga is no exception.

On Sunday the Mets suspended Harvey for three games without pay after he failed to show up for Saturday’s game against the Marlins. Initially Harvey was able to spin the incident as an innocent miscommunication. He said he had a migraine, and somehow the message didn’t get through to the right people in the Mets organization.

It was later revealed, however, that Harvey’s “migraine” was in fact a hangover. He had been out drinking with friends until 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, then he went golfing. When it came time to go to the stadium he was beat. So he just didn’t go.

On Tuesday Harvey finally fessed up and apologized for his behavior.

“Obviously, I’m extremely embarrassed by my actions,” Harvey told members of the media. “I apologize to my teammates, to the Mets organization, the Wilpons, all the way down to the Mets fans for doing what I did. Yes, I was out on Friday night past curfew, and did play golf Saturday morning.”

Mets manager Terry Collins said he was satisfied with Harvey’s answer. However, it was later reported that Harvey would undergo in-house counselling to help him deal with his off-field issues. And that, along with the three-game suspension, suggested there was more to this story than one night of excessive partying.

Sure enough, on Tuesday night the New York Post broke a new angle to the story. According to their sources, Harvey has been an “emotional wreck” since May 2, when he saw paparazzi photos of his supermodel “girlfriend” Adriana Lima getting flirty with New England Patriots star Julian Edelman at the Met Gala.

New York Post baseball sources say Lima “really messed with Matt Harvey’s head.” Apparently he was unaware that Lima was not as serious about their relationship as he was. He found out about the hookup with Edelman a few hours before he had to pitch against the Braves in Atlanta, and wound up getting knocked around for six runs in five innings.

The prevailing opinion among Harvey’s Mets teammates is that he was out blowing off steam on Friday night, trying to get over his former lady friend.

Of course, if you’re a Mets fan, this news changes everything. Harvey isn’t the villain. He’s the victim! A man-eating supermodel broke his heart!

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