Barkley Shocks NBA Fans by Stating That Hockey Playoffs Are the Best Thing in Sports (Video)

Charles Barkley likely turned a few heads among his bosses at TNT when he stated that a) he’s pretty much over the NBA playoffs until it’s Finals time, and b) hockey playoffs make for a more exciting postseason than any other sport offers.

We never knew the Chuckster was a hockey fan, but leave it to the contrarian studio host to pick the sport over an NBA field that’s regarded by many as containing better players than maybe any other time in history.

Calling into the NHL Network, Barkley made his statement:

When asked to support his answer, Barkley did so easily:

“Because anything can happen. Not just this year in the NBA, where we know the Warriors and Cavaliers are gonna play for the Finals, but most of the time, you know until you get deep in the [NBA] playoffs, the games are not gonna be that competitive. But it’s not that way in hockey.”

Well, he’s not wrong, folks. The NBA playoffs have been very lopsided thus far.

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