Epic Fail: Browns Rookie David Njoku Mistakes 10x Pro Bowler Joe Thomas for Coach (Tweets)

Browns Rookie Mistakes Joe Thomas for Coach

You know the term “rookie mistake”? Well, it exists for a reason.

On Thursday the Cleveland Browns held a special dinner for their incoming rookies. However, the Browns also invited along some veterans and former players who they’d like their rookies to emulate, including veteran offensive tackle Joe Thomas and legendary running back Jim Brown.

Thomas, 32, was honored just to be invited to the event and hear Jim Brown speak:

Unfortunately, despite the fact that he’s 10-time Pro Bowler and a seven-time First Team All Pro, not all of the Browns rookies knew who Joe Thomas was. In fact, tight end David Njoku, the 29th overall pick out of Miami, actually asked Thomas if he was a coach.

Luckily Thomas has a good sense of humor. Far from offended, he thought it was hilarious:

Njoku, for his part, responded to the gaffe with a perfectly curated string of emojis:

Despite Thomas’ amused response, I suspect this is something David Njoku won’t be living down anytime soon.

Good luck, rookie.

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