Haslem to ’08 Celtics: “You Got Yo Ass Whooped With Ray, & We Got Ray & Whooped Yo Ass Again“

Miami Heat v Boston Celtics

Udonis Haslem has had enough of the Ray Allen slander.

Former longtime Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem was tired of hearing key members of the 2008 Boston Celtics squad, who still hold a grudge after Ray Allen left the squad to join the rival Miami Heat to win another ring.

In an interview on the Jose Rose Show, Haslem defended his former teammate: 

“I mean, they got to let that go. I think when you get to a point where you’re a free agent, you have the opportunity to make the best decision for you. Quality of life: Boston, Miami? Ahh, you guys can figure that one out. … I mean, and I understand, because at that time it was somewhat of a rivalry between us and Boston. But even when they had Ray we beat ’em. So it wasn’t like Ray came and helped us get over the edge.”

Haslem made it clear that the Miami Heat defeated that Boston Celtics squad when they had Ray Allen, then he signed with the Heat in 2012 and they continued to beat them with Ray Allen.

“It’s not like the year before with Ray they beat us. Put it this way, it wasn’t the similar situation to maybe Kevin Durant going to the team that beat him. It was, you got your ass whooped with Ray, and we got Ray and we whooped your ass again.”

Haslem’s comments came on the heels of former Celtics coming together recently on TNT’s Area 21 segment, where they discussed why Ray Allen wasn’t invited on the show and why they disliked Ray for how he handled the situation.

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