Jabrill Peppers Speaks on Fired ESPN Radio Host Who Accused Him of Doing Molly & Lean (VIDEO)

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Just a few days ago, ESPN Cleveland Radio host and former lingerie football player Sabrina Parr tried to set social media on fire when she accused Jabrill Peppers, 25th overall pick in the 2017 Draft, of being on drugs—specifically Molly & Lean.

“He’s not gonna make it through the season. He’s another Josh Gordon. I’ve seen it firsthand from a different vantage point and it’s the same thing all over again. How are you already high out of your mind and you’ve only been here for a week?”

She claimed she was misquoted, but was immediately fired from ESPN as a result.

On Friday, Peppers spoke on those accusations from the now former ESPN radio host.


If you hadn’t heard her original comments:

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