Kevin White’s Maserati Stolen In Crazy ‘Bump and Run’ Car Theft Scheme

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Kevin White found out quick how real it can get while living in Chicago.

The Chicago Bears WR was jacked for his Maserati in an elaborate crime scheme in Chicago called the “Bump and Run” theft. White wasn’t driving the car. Rather, it was his 26-year-old girlfriend who was the unfortunate victim.

“Cops say White’s girlfriend, Roksana, was driving his white Maserati around 6:30 PM on Thursday night when the car was struck by another vehicle. 

When Roksana got out of the car to exchange information with the other driver, someone (presumably an accomplice) rushed into the Maserati and bolted with the vehicle. 

Fortunately, Roksana was not hurt during the incident — but still, that SUCKS! 

Officials tell TMZ Sports there have been 6 other “bump and run” style car thefts in the past week and there’s strong reason to believe they’re related.”

“This suggests a team of individuals doing this. One drives, both of them are in the car. Sometimes they use a female to bump the other car. If the female knows it’s another female, then she gets out, lets her guard down, someone comes from behind, they jump in the car and they take off in the car,” said Andrew Holmes, a community activist.

White’s girlfriend was not hurt.

It’s a different feeling when you’re capable of purchasing these things yourself. Hard work pays off! Maserati life⚡️⚡️⚡️

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