Marlins Man Receives Warning Over Flashing Incident, MLB Edits Cleavage Out of Archives (Tweet)

marlins man gets warning from team after flashing incident vs cardinals

Image via @Marlins_Man

As you may have heard, a group of sexy Miami Marlins fans blew up baseball Twitter on Wednesday night. In the bottom of sixth inning of the Marlins’ game against the Cardinals, a curvy female sitting right behind home plate tried to distract Cardinals pitcher Brett Cecil by pulling down the neck of her shirt and jiggling her breasts at him.

The women were actually guests of Laurence Levy, better known on the internet as Marlins Man. It was actually the second time this season he had brought a group of drop-dead gorgeous women to Marlins Park. However, it was the first time his female companions attempted to distract an opposing pitcher.

Here’s the incident in question in case you have not yet seen it, or you just want to see it again:

Unfortunately, we probably will not be seeing anything like this at the ballpark again. Turns out Marlins Man got a text from the team asking him to tell his friends to knock it out.

“I didn’t know what happened,” Levy told New York Post‘s Jaclyn Hendricks on Thursday. “When I came back, people were like, ‘Did you hear what happened?’ Then the Marlins sent me a text message, ‘You need to keep you girls under control, they cannot be flashing on TV it’s not appropriate. Bringing them is one thing to have fun, but the actions aren’t good for the image and we can’t condone it.'”

The Marlins weren’t the only ones upset by the stunt. According to the folks at Deadspin, an MLB spokesperson said the Cardinals’ feed would be edited and the jiggling bosoms removed before the broadcast is archived. It’s like we’re living in 1984. If only the league would go back and rewrite record books so it’s like the steroid era never happened.

As for the woman who did the distracting, it turns out her name is Korinna. She says she did not realize she was on camera when she started all the jiggling.

“To be honest, I was caught off guard,” she told the Post. “I was sitting and watching the game and we had a couple guys on base and we were just kind of talking and laughing and we thought it’d be kind of a funny distraction to get the pitcher’s attention and see if it would help, so that’s kind of what we did. But we didn’t think we were on camera.”

Of course, Korinna’s Twitter feed suggests she knew exactly what she was doing:

Hat Tip – [New York Post, Deadspin]

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