The Pats Used a Sneaky and Little-Known Rule to Keep LeGarrette Blount off the Ravens (TWEET)


Once again, the Pats prove that by staying about three steps ahead of other teams on obscure rules, they’re able to keep a competitive advantage over their rivals.

The Ravens had an eye towards LeGarrette Blount this off-season, but in all likelihood, their interest will be tempered down to zero thanks to the Pats’ discovery of a rule that would cost them a draft pick should they pursue the RB.

Barstool Sports states:

According to Pro Football Talk, the Patriots extended a one-year, $1.1 million tender (110 percent of last year’s salary) to Blount, an unrestricted free agent. By doing so, Blount would count toward New England’s compensatory draft picks if he signs elsewhere before July 22. After that date, he can only sign with the Patriots for the 2017 season.

It’s a crafty move by the Pats to keep a conference rival down, but the one who really suffers is LeGarrette, who’s likely in the twilight of his career and isn’t garnering much interest from other teams. Any other team that’s going to sign him would lose the same pick, so it drastically decreases his value.

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